Commercial Properties

In today’s business world image is everything.

When visitors arrive at your place of business, you want the first impression to be a positive one. 

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Commercial properties are a major investment. 

Maintaining and enhancing the landscape can be a very cost-effective way to increase property value. Flowerbomb Landscaping can help achieve the premium appearance for your property. Your clients and or prospective tenants will see a more professional image of your company’s facilities, multiple tenant properties, or new construction. Flowerbomb Landscaping can achieve and maintain that appearance.


flowerbomb flowersResidential Communities

For residential communities, the first impression is the community entrance.

A well landscaped and maintain entrance can provide a nice Welcome Home. Flowerbomb Landscaping can help the  Home Owner Associations with the responsibility to the community to present a positive image for the community.



Landscape Design and Maintenance from Flowerbomb Landscaping can achieve a premium appearance for your property. Your visitors and or prospective residents will see a positive image of the community.  With Landscape design, irrigation, mowing, pruning, planting, edging, fertilizing and spraying, enhancing your property is our objective. Let Flowerbomb Landscaping maintain your turf, plants, and flower beds.  You can rest assured that our trained, dependable crews will provide prompt, courteous, and professional service.




Home Maintenance: